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Top 10 Downloaded Benefits Evaluation Reports

Posted on November 15, 2017 by Kate Perkins

In the spirit of celebrating Digital Health Week, we were curious to see what benefits evaluation reports peeked the interest of website visitors over the past three years. These evaluations help us understand how our investments impact Canadians and the health care system and help inform and improve future projects. Many researchers and jurisdictional leaders use the reports as lessons learned documents for implementing, adopting and promoting digital health tools.

If you’re interested to know what other people are reading, here is the list:

  1. Connecting Patients with Providers: A Pan-Canadian Study on Remote Patient Monitoring, Executive Summary 1,882 downloads
  2. The Emerging Benefits of Electronic Medical Record Use in Community-Based Care Full Report 1,422 downloads
  3. Impacts of Direct Patient Access to Laboratory Results – Final Report 1,266 downloads
  4. The Emerging Benefits of EMR Use in Ambulatory Care in Canada Executive Summary  844 downloads
  5. Nova Scotia Personal Health Record Demonstration Project - Benefits Evaluation Report 673 downloads
  6. BC Panorama Benefits Evaluation Report for Immunization Management and Family Health Modules 480 downloads
  7. Measuring Interoperable EHR Adoption and Maturity: A Canadian Example 417 downloads
  8. Computerization of primary care medical clinics in Quebec: Results from a survey on EMR adoption, use and impacts 495 downloads
  9. Epic EHR Program: MyChart Consumer Health Solutions Benefits Evaluation Report 356 downloads
  10. A Proposed Benefits Evaluation Framework for Health Information Systems in Canada 350 downloads

If you’re interested in evaluations of digital health solutions, join Infoway’s Benefits Evaluation Network. The community links  Infoway, jurisdictional team leaders and researchers to share best practices and communicate around benefits evaluation. Join today.

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