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Infoway Launches Digital Health Myths-Busting Campaign

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Poonam Khanna

“I won’t understand my lab results if I access them online.” “The introduction of virtual visits means I won’t see my doctor anymore.” “The government and insurance companies will be able to see my digital health records.” These are just a few of the myths surrounding digital health we’ve encountered over the years, which is why Infoway launched a digital health myths-busting campaign last month.

The uncertainty, fear and misconceptions are understandable — they are a part of change. And digital health is bringing transformational change to the delivery of health care in Canada. Thankfully, many of the fears surrounding digital health aren’t based in reality — and we’ve got the facts to bust these common myths.

Gathering the facts about digital health’s impact is an important part of what we do. Infoway works closely with our partners to evaluate digital health projects happening across Canada. We monitor the literature, from here and abroad, to align our work with the latest evidence. We also conduct studies to fill knowledge gaps and assess the wider impact of digital health initiatives such as electronic medical records and telehomecare (also known as remote patient monitoring). Using information from these sources, we’ll be busting 17 myths over 17 weeks. Stay tuned each week as we examine the truth behind what digital health means for patients, clinicians and the health care system.

And if you’ve got a myth you’d like us to bust, please share it with us and we’ll see if we can gather the evidence to debunk it.

Myth: I won’t understand my lab results if I access them online because they are too complicated

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