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Positive Patient Experience Leads to Better Health Outcomes and System Sustainability

Posted by Chad Leaver on March 21

Digital health and connected care services are evolving and gaining momentum in Canada. As they do, the link between patient experience and value-based outcomes is critical to both assess opportunities for improvement and determine scalability and integration of connected care solutions into Canadian models of care.

High-quality patient experience = better health outcomes

Improving the various areas of patient experience (and there are at least five outlined in the literature) can result in positive outcomes for patients, organizational health, and system sustainability. As Canadian health care organizations advance their digital health strategies, a patient experience business framework can play a pivotal role in accelerating value-based outcomes and evidence-informed strategic direction.

We’re on the right path

Evidence is now starting to mount in the Canadian context. Infoway surveys Canadians on their experience and perceptions with healthcare. Access to connected care services and recent investment project evaluations are contributing to this knowledge base. Connected care initiatives in Canada have shown value and a broad range of impact across five domains of patient experience: patient satisfaction, empowerment, system/patient value (avoided visits/ED utilization), clinic/clinician productivity (operational workflow, care coordination), and partnerships in care.

For example, our study of patients at Group Health Centre (GHC), where patients were able to use GHC’s myCARE portal, found:

  • 94% valued viewing the results
  • 90% valued being able to message their health care team
  • 89% valued requesting prescription refills online

The path ahead

Further evaluation and research is needed to influence leadership, inform innovation and maintain the momentum of change at all levels. The future of health care in Canada and connected care solutions offer exciting opportunities. Perhaps digital health business cases, grounded in a patient experience framework, can be the key to linking the potential for advancing access to care, system sustainability and quality outcomes. 

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author cleaverChad Leaver

Chad leads national research, evaluation and communication efforts for Infoway’s Evaluation Services and Consumer Health & Innovation investment portfolios.



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