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You’re Invited to a Tweet Chat! Digital Health Transforming the Patient Experience

Posted on November 11, 2014 by Shelagh Maloney

Here at Infoway we live and breathe digital health. We spend our days working with our many supporting organizations and other partners to accelerate the development, adoption and effective use of digital health across Canada.

When I look back, I’m always amazed at the difference that technology has made in improving health and health care. We’ve come a long way and the mind boggles when you think about what the future holds.

To acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact of digital health, November 10-14 has been declared Digital Health Week. We want to hear from you! How has digital health improved your patient experience?

Tomorrow, we’ll be joining Healthcare Social Media Canada (#hcsmca) to discuss “Digital Health Transforming the Patient Experience.” We’ll be chatting about such topics as:

  • E-visits with doctors. From accessibility in remote regions of Canada, to increased accessibility for those with mobility and other issues, we’ll talk about how being able to visit healthcare professionals virtually is changing how Canadian patients experience healthcare.
  • Access to health information. Through portals and other solutions, Canadians are accessing their health information, like lab results. This allows them to better monitor and manage their health and empowers them to be more active members of their care team. How do we accelerate patient access to health information? Should we?
  • Emerging technologies. Technology is changing the way we live, work and play and the explosive growth of technology and the pace of change is accelerating. What are the implications of new technologies like wearables on the system? Are we ready? Does it matter?

Join the conversation tomorrow, Wednesday, November 12 at 1PM (EST) by using #hcsmca. Join in the conversation anytime using #digitalhealthweek!

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Shelagh MaloneyShelagh Maloney is responsible for managing key stakeholder relationships at Infoway, including those with patients, clinicians and the federal government, as well as the standards community. She is also responsible for performance analytics and coordinating and executing communication and marketing efforts in support of Infoway products and services.

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