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The Change Leader is a Jack of All Trades

Posted on July 14, 2015 by Keren Taylor-Hughes

Successful change leaders need knowledge that covers many areas due to the wide range of changes they lead and the people they support. I have tried to compile a list of skills and knowledge areas a change leader should have, acknowledging not all change leaders can have all them all.

A change leader is inherently:

  • A leader/communicator: A people person, who can engage authentically with others, who is respectful and builds coalitions
  • A scholar of human behaviour, relationships, situations, evaluation and new ideas
  • An agile thinker who is conceptual, yet task oriented; quick thinking, yet a systematic problem solver; resourceful yet organized
  • Confident: Someone who embraces ambiguity, can handle resistance, is persistent, open minded and challenges the status quo

A change leader should also have working knowledge in several areas:

Leadership Change Management

Project Management Workflow analysis

Communication Team building

This list is by no way exhaustive, but a good foundation of skills and knowledge to work towards when focusing on leading change. If you do not have these skills there are many resources to gain change management knowledge.

Now that we have identified the skills and knowledge a change leader should have, let’s focus on the methodology. Join me next time as I delve into the six core elements of a successful change methodology.

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kthughes 100Keren Taylor-Hughes

Keren is a Benefits Realization Lead a member of the Clinical Adoption team at Canada Health Infoway and chair of the Pan Canadian Change Management Network. Keren is a senior change leader with over 16 years of leading change in healthcare across Canada and the United States, who is certified trainer in the ADKAR Model and Bridges: Leading Organizational Transition.

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