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Improving the Quality of Patient Care in Canada Through Clinical Interoperability

Posted on May 28, 2015; Authored by: Dr. Peter Rossos, CMIO & Gastroenterologist, UHN and Trevor Hodge, Executive Vice President, Canada Health Infoway

CMIO & Gastroenterologist, UHN

There is no doubt that we have made great strides in Canada on increasing adoption and use of digital health systems. Surveys are now showing that more than 250,000 Canadian healthcare professionals currently depend on access to electronic health information from outside their organizations to make treatment decisions. But we all know that to deliver the best possible care, we still need to increase the data and information flow among clinicians and organizations when and where it’s needed. And we are still a long way from being done.

That increased flow, or clinical interoperability, and the resulting advanced use of clinical systems represents the next frontier in Canadian healthcare and will only happen when organizational, vendor or geographical barriers are removed and the digital health industry in Canada mobilizes to find new ways to share clinical information.

To begin the journey, the Pan-Canadian Clinical Interoperability Steering Committee, composed of clinicians, health and e-health program leaders, vendors and other stakeholders was formed. The Committee, that we co-chair, has just released an Action Plan to accelerate clinical interoperability in Canada. The Action Plan is based on the collaborative efforts and feedback from Canada’s health care leaders and on behalf of the Committee, we ask for your feedback on the Plan to make sure we are on the right path to moving this agenda ahead in Canada.

At this year’s eHealth conference, we will be offering attendees the opportunity to learn more about how they can improve the quality of patient care in Canada through clinical interoperability. Hear from Canada Health Infoway experts, Susan Sepa, Group Director, Clinical System Interoperability and Mario Voltolina, Group Director, Clinical Systems Integration, who are leading a pre-conference workshop on May 31 that will introduce you to tactics to help you navigate a new approach to clinical interoperability.

Also, be sure to stop by Infoway’s exhibit booth (#300), get your game piece and play to Connect 4 #Interoperability while learning about Canada’s clinical interoperability strategy and Action Plan and how you can provide your feedback.

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prossos 100Dr. Peter Rossos

Chief Medical Information Officer at UHN, Chair of the Ontario Medical Informatics Working Group; and Co-Chair of the Pan-Canadian Clinical Interoperability Steering Committee

As a CMIO and staff gastroenterologist, Dr. Rossos’ priorities include alignment of clinical systems with clinicians' workflow and productivity, as well as the impact of systems on patient safety, quality improvement, education, and clinical research.

thodge 100Trevor Hodge

As Executive Vice President, Trevor Hodge is responsible for Infoway‘s investment strategies, information and technology directions, electronic medical record investment program, as well as project investments in Western, Northern and Atlantic Canada.

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