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Advancing Care – How the Possibilities of Digital Health are Closer to Becoming a Reality for Canadians

Posted on August 28, 2014 by Maureen Charlebois

This year’s Advancing Care Peer Leader Symposium was a reminder to us about why collaboration at all levels of health care is so important. Conversations between health leaders, from across the country and beyond, continue to be an essential step in delivering more efficient and effective health care for patients and clinicians through the use of digital health tools. Opening with a compelling patient experience, it laid the foundation of this year’s theme: Optimizing the Use and Value of Digital Health.

We heard from a variety of stakeholders, including clinicians, patients and health care leaders who shared their experiences and insights to discuss the leadership, quality, change management and professional practice considerations that are important to continuing the adoption of technology in clinical practice.

The Symposium provided opportunities to advance the adoption and use of digital health in Canada. A summary report was produced to offer an overview of the insights and ideas for action brought forward at the symposium. It also includes links to resources to help support digital health implementation. I hope the presentations below create a renewed sense of purpose for making these possibilities a reality for Canadians.

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mcharlebois 100Maureen Charlebois

Ms. Charlebois is a patient focused leader and is passionate about improving health care services across the continuum of care. As a nurse and certified health executive, she uses her experience to help promote patient safety, clinical engagement and the effective use of technology in practice.

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