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National Change Management Framework

The Change Management Network, established and supported by Infoway, has developed an integrated framework for describing change management activities within the context of health technology projects. The framework consists of six core change management elements:

Governance & Leadership: The mechanisms used to guide, steer or regulate the course of a project, including how stakeholders can affect the priorities and progress of a project as well as the CM activities occurring within a project.

Stakeholder Engagement: The process by which the perceptions, issues and expectations of stakeholders are learned and managed. Stakeholder engagement includes focused attention on the individuals who are expected to change. Their behaviours and needs must be defined, understood and considered when implementing projects.

national change mgmt frameworkCommunications: The process of providing stakeholders with what they need to know, in order to prompt appropriate responses and/or actions.

Workflow Analysis & Integration: The process of understanding current work processes and opportunities for improvement, so that new processes using digital health solutions can be sustainably embedded into the culture, as evidenced through their presence within steady-state operations.

Training & Education: The act of imparting both knowledge and specific skills among key stakeholders to promote adoption.

Monitoring & Evaluation: The process of reviewing whether CM activities took place as planned; and the extent to which they were effective. As proposed in this framework, monitoring and evaluation take place throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Framework and Toolkit for Managing eHealth Change

Learn more about digital health change management and the framework, and access practical change management tools. Download A Framework and Toolkit for Managing eHealth Change.

Change Management Toolkit

Access practical Change Management tools and resources by accessing the online Change Management Toolkit.



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