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Interoperable EHRs

An interoperable electronic health record (iEHR) provides each individual Canadian with a secure and private record of their health history and care within the health system. The record is available to authorized health providers and the individual anywhere, anytime. This record is designed to facilitate the sharing of data across the continuum of care, across health care delivery organizations and across geographical areas.

Infoway's iEHR investment program supports jurisdictional projects that will build iEHR systems that enable authorized health care providers to collect, share, view and, in some cases, update a patient's essential health information.

Connected Health Information in Canada: A Benefits Evaluation Study


Here is a concept of what an authorized clinician may be able to view from an iEHR.

iEHRs that link clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other points of care will help improve Canadians' access to health services, enhance the quality of care, patient safety, and help the health care system become more efficient.

How will Canadians benefit?

  • Authorized health care providers will have timely access to their patients’ comprehensive, up-to-date health information to support clinical decision making and integrated patient management across the continuum of care.
  • Canadians’ essential health information will be secure and private thanks to strict industry best practices, standards and technologies.
  • An iEHR will enable more efficient ways to gather, store and share information. This will result in efficiencies that save time and money.

Canadians say e-mental health services are important. In fact, 72% said it helped them deal with a moment of crisis…

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