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Electronic Health Records

An electronic health record (EHR) is a secure, integrated collection of a person’s encounters with the health care system; it provides a comprehensive digital view of a patient’s health history.

With support from Infoway, each province and territory is creating a network of interoperable EHR solutions — one that links clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other points of care. EHRs will help improve Canadians' access to health services, enhance the quality and safety of care, and help the health care system become more efficient.

Knowing the plan for electronic health information systems for clinicians


Electronic Health Record Components

  • Laboratory Information Systems
    Jurisdictional (i.e. Provincial/Territorial) Laboratory Information Systems allow authorized health providers to view lab test results regardless of where the test was conducted.
  • Diagnostic Imaging Repositories
    Diagnostic Imaging Repositories (DI-rs) enable authorized health care providers to access and view diagnostic images and associated reports regardless of where the clinician is located, or where the test was conducted.
  • Drug Information Systems
    A Drug Information System (DIS) enables authorized health care providers to access, manage, share and safeguard patients’ medication histories.
  • Telehealth
    Telehealth refers to the technology-enabled delivery of health care services when the clinician and the patient are not in the same location. By providing access to health care closer to home, this kind of innovation can greatly improve the quality of care for residents of remote, sparsely-populated jurisdictions.
  • Privacy
    Infoway's privacy mandate is to incorporate the protection of personal health information in its activities in accordance with applicable Canadian laws and privacy principles.
  • Clinical Interoperability
    Robust infrastructure that enables the sharing of clinical information with minimal disruption to workflow.
  • Public Health Surveillance
    A Public Health Surveillance System is a comprehensive solution that improves efficiency of public health, including communicable disease case management, immunization and disease outbreak management.
  • Registries
    Registries accurately and securely identify patients and authorized health care providers.

Canadians say e-mental health services are important. In fact, 72% said it helped them deal with a moment of crisis…

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