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Patient Portals & e-Views

Access to health information helps empower Canadians to take an active role in their own health. Using patient portals and e-view solutions, patients can see their health information, such as lab results, online. This helps patients better understand their health and take positive steps to improve it. It also means that patients can confirm that information in their health record is correct, and feel more confident about the care they are receiving.

Infoway is investing with jurisdictional ministries of health, regional health organizations and others to enable these consumer health services across Canada.

Benefits of Patient Portals

Infoway patient portal and e-view projects have benefited Canadians, clinicians, and the health system.

For Canadians

  • Patients or caregivers who had access to their heath information through a patient portal felt:
    • Knowledge of their health increased
    • More confident managing their health
    • The tools helped them feel more involved in their health care
    • Access to their health information allowed them to have more informed discussions with their doctor
    • They were able to better use of their time with clinicians
  • Improves the relationships between patients and their health care providers
  • Patients were more likely to renew/refill prescription on time by requesting a renewal/refill through a secure online system

For Clinicians & the Health System

  • Clinicians reported an improvement in their therapeutic relationships with patients
  • Decrease in clinic call volume
  • Reduces requests for health information or health history information
  • Decrease in no-show appointments

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