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Ninety per cent of Canadians say they want the ability to e-book medical appointments. With that in mind, Canada Health Infoway has supported a variety of efforts to increase the use of e-booking in Canada, including the e-Booking Initiative (now closed), which offered financial support to help partially offset costs associated with e-booking implementation. 

e-Booking benefits both providers

  • Time savings. Staff spend less time on the phone booking appointments and experience fewer interruptions.
  • Fewer no-shows. The use of electronic alerts and appointment reminders can decrease the number of no-shows and last-minute cancellations, which otherwise could negatively affect both revenue and productivity.
  • Improved staff satisfaction. Staff spend less time answering and returning phone calls that deal with scheduling activities and are able to spend more time on higher-valued activities, such as working with patients.

And patient

  • Convenience. No more busy signals and an ability to book appointments 24/7.
  • Ease-of-use. Patients find online booking easy and say they would do it again.
  • Helpful e-reminders. Patients can receive electronic alerts and reminders, which means fewer missed appointments.

Privacy and Security

With so many e-booking products available, it is important that clinicians and practices which are considering the implementation of an e-booking solution understand the product they are choosing and the implementation options. As the custodian/trustee of patient information, clinicians and practices are responsible for ensuring that the information is protected and managed in compliance with applicable privacy laws as well as professional standards




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