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ACCESS 2022 Alliance

The ACCESS 2022 Alliance is a community of stakeholders committed to the vision of the ACCESS 2022 movement, beginning with the Founding Sponsor Program.

Infoway’s ACCESS Health program is uniting industry, health care providers, provinces, territories and Canadians to innovate where and how Canadians access care.

We believe our health care system should be connected — enabling both citizens and their providers to connect to the information and digital tools they need to optimize their health and wellbeing and modernize the ways in which care can be accessed. Fortunately, we know many organizations, providers, innovators and citizens share our vision.

The good news is that innovators are creating solutions to enable Canadians to connect to their data and actively manage their health. However, these innovators also face barriers when it comes to scaling their solutions.

They face barriers in integrating with other digital health solutions and connecting to personal health data sources. They face barriers in accessing trusted citizen identity proofing and consent management needed to enable the provision of secure, private and trusted digital health solutions.

Breaking Down Barriers to Scaling Innovation

We think these barriers can be overcome, which is why we’ve launched the ACCESS 2022 movement.

The ACCESS 2022 Alliance (the Alliance) is a community of stakeholders committed to the vision of ACCESS 2022 of improving Canadians’ access to their personal health information and to digitally delivered health services.

ACCESS 2022 Alliance Founding Sponsor Program

Announced at the 2018 Infoway Partnership Conference, the ACCESS 2022 Alliance brings together organizations committed to this shared vision.

Moving forward the ACCESS 2022 Alliance will expand its activities and engagement opportunities. In the meantime, to stay connected, join the ACCESS 2022 movement.

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