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  • Strategic ICT Toolkit

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    A self-analysis toolkit to support senior management within health care organizations understand current level of ICT strategy and maturity, and how to develop to the next maturity level.

  • Clinical Deployment Guide for clinicians: a One Stop Guide to Clinicians Involved in Deploying IT Systems

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    “The guide is designed to help clinicians involved in business change projects enabled by information technology by helping them understand how they can contribute effectively and what roles and responsibilities they may be asked to undertake.”

  • Dispelling Change Management Myths - Tutorial

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    "Each of these myths represent a "change management" challenge for bringing change management into your organization. Some result from a lack of awareness of the need for change management, while others stem from a lack of knowledge about what change...

  • Making Change Work

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    This study, completed by IBM, "examines how organizations can manage change and identifies strategies for improving project outcomes. Introduces the concept of the Change Diamond which is built on four necessary facets: (1) Real insights, real actions;...

  • Clinicians' Perceptions of Organizationals Readiness for Change in the Context of Clinical Information System Projects

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    “Organizational readiness is arguably a key factor involved in clinicians' initial support for clinical information system initiatives. As healthcare organizations continue to invest in information technologies to improve quality and continuity of care...

  • An Integrated Approach to Change Leadership

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    "This paper will provide a brief overview of relevant background literature on leading change initiatives, introduce the DMW-NLI ( Dorothy Wylie Nursing Leadership Institute) Change Leadership conceptual framework, describe a number of activities that...

  • Defining Change Management

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    “What is change management?” This is a question you may have heard from colleagues or coworkers in passing or in formal presentations. While many of us “know” intuitively what change management is, we have a hard time conveying to others what we really...

  • Useful books on change management

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    There are a growing number of people who specialise in health information and systems, providing essential support for clinicians, patients and managers in areas such as ICT, information management, health records and clinical coding, education and...

  • Managing Change

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    Among the topics covered in this article : Trust and communication, Employee status, Organizational culture, Leadership and Phases involved in implementing change: Preparation: build the foundation that leads to commitment; Acceptance: get agreement and...

  • Promoting Usability in Health Organizations

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    Federal funding in health IT is stimulating the adoption of electronic medical records and technical innovation necessary to improve the USA’s healthcare infrastructure and the systems of care it supports. Without end-user acceptance of these new...

  • Getting ready for change self-assessment

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    This tool can be used to assess a hospital’s organizational infrastructure and its readiness to support effective implementation efforts. The checklist allows to highlight capabilities that should be in place within an hospital before implementing...

  • Leadership and Engagement for improvement for the NHS. Together we can.

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    "In a submission to this review, the Advancing Quality Alliance argued that successful leadership of health care improvement combines three sets of skills: service-specific knowledge, improvement know-how and change management skills."

  • Influencers of change – the significance of informal power

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    This white paper produced by ChangeFirst, focuses on the three main change leadership roles: sponsors, influencers and change agents. Available in English only.

  • Change Management

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    Change management supports people as technology is implemented and includes a wide range of activities including workflow adaptation, behavioural and cultural transformation. Successful implementation of digital health solutions occurs when a technology...

  • L’amélioration en santé : diriger, réaliser, diffuser (in French only)

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    In this document, the author stresses the importance of a better implementation, productivity and transformational changes support in health care delivery. He also contends that a strong leadership can be the basis of change for the future of health...

  • Ready, willing and engaged - A practical guide for sponsors of change

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    This guide explores three common attributes of successful transformation initiatives, which are grounded in the comprehensive application of practical, broad-reaching tools that help produce lasting results. Available in English only.

  • Supporting Spread: Lessons from the California Improvement Network

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    This white paper chronicles lessons from the California Improvement Network (CIN), whose partner organizations focus on spreading the best ideas in chronic disease care to more California providers.

  • What is Change Management All About?

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    National Health Service overiview of change management elements, also covering leadership elements in context of moving change forward within health organizations. Check out these relevant sections: Focus on change management - why is it important?;...

  • Sustaining Change: A Senior Leadership Perspective

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    "This paper is a commentary on Sustaining Change: Once Evidence-Based Practices Are Transferred, What Then? by Tazim Virani, Louise Lemieux-Charles, David A. Davis and Whitney Berta. One of the conclusions is that there are powerful learnings outside of...

  • How Centered Leaders Achieve Extrodinary Results

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    “This article revisits the five dimensions of centered leadership—and their applicability to times of change. Five capabilities are at the heart of centered leadership: 1. finding meaning in work, 2. leveraging connections and community, 3. acting in...

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