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Your Results for Electronic Medical Records

  • EMR Adoption in Canada on the Rise

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    Posted on November 03, 2017 by Chad Leaver Follow @chadnandrew Six years ago when I began my role at Infoway, adoption of electronic medial records among primary care practices in Canada was at 56 per cent. In the next two years, through partnerships...

  • 2017 CMA Workforce Survey – Digital Health Results


    31 August 2017

    This document provides the results of the three digital health related questions from the 2017 CMA Workforce Survey.

  • 2017 CMA Workforce Survey

    External Web page
    The results of the 2017 CMA Workforce Survey examines what it means to be a doctor in Canada, examining everything from working hours, training, job satisfaction and use of technology. The Workforce survey follows the closure of the National Physician...

  • EMR is the Solution, Not the Problem — Canadian Healthcare


    29 August 2017

    In this editorial, Dr. Adam Stewart examines the advantages of using electronic medical records (EMRs) and addresses the root cause of some common criticism.

  • Myth: There Has Been Little to No Progress in Digital Health in Canada


    08 May 2017

    Myth: There has been little to no progress in digital health in Canada. Fact: The key components of Canadians’ health records are now 93.8% digitized and available electronically. 73% of family physicians in Canada were using an electronic medical...

  • 2016 in Review for PrescribeIT

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    Posted on January 19, 2017 by Bobbi Reinholdt 2016 has been a busy year for PrescribeIT TM . Since Infoway began working on a multi-jurisdiction e-prescribing solution, we’ve had more than 150 meetings with key stakeholder groups, including provinces,...

  • Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck Patient Portal Benefits Evaluation Report


    17 November 2016

    In December, 2014, Ontario Shores launched the ‘Healthcheck’ Patient Portal to provide patients and caregivers access to their health information, with the aim to promote patient engagement and partnerships in care. The results of this benefits...

  • What Canadians Think about Adolescents Accessing their Electronic Personal Health Information

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    Posted on November 7, 2016 by Cassie Frazer As a parent of adolescents, naturally I was curious about the topic at hand — providing adolescents with access to their electronic personal health information (PHI); and I wondered about the perceptions of...

  • Holland Bloorview connect2care Benefits Evaluation Report


    01 November 2016

    In December 2014, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital implemented a consumer health portal, connect2care, that allows patients and families to view components of their clinical health record, book appointments, request changes to their...

  • Adolescent Access to Digital Health Records — Results of an Environmental Scan

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    Posted on October 11, 2016 by Cassie Frazer Have you ever wondered how the “electronic health system” will know who you are and whether or not you have the right to access your personal health information (PHI)? Depending on one’s age, the answers to...

  • MyHealthLinked Project Review and Benefits Evaluation Final Report


    23 September 2016

    In March 2015, Barrie and Community Family Health Team (BCFHT) undertook a demonstration project which included the launch of myhealthlinked patient portal. The objective of this Benefits Evaluation report was to uncover any evidence to support...

  • miDASH Consumer Health Solution Benefits Evaluation


    01 September 2016

    Health Quality Innovation Collaboration (HQIC) is a non-for-profit organization founded in Ontario by a group of primary care physicians. In January 2014, HQIC launched a patient portal, miDash, that can work across multiple Electronic Medical Records...

  • myCARE Benefits Evaluation and Final Report


    25 August 2016

    The Group Health Centre (GHC) is Ontario's largest and longest established alternatively funded healthcare organization, offering primary and specialist ambulatory care. In September 2014, GHC implemented myCARE, a patient portal that allows patients...

  • Pandora’s Box is Open: Mature Minors’ Access to their Health Information

    Thursday, September 15, 2016 Every individual has a right to their personal health information. This includes mature minors, or adolescents – those under the age of majority. As the use of digital health technology expands across Canada, a focus on the...

  • Data Analytics in Health Care

    Data analytics is the examination of raw data to discover insights to help support informed decision-making. As more of health care moves from paper to digital, a great deal of raw data is generated, and the opportunity to harness its power for health...

  • Taking an Important Step towards Medication Safety with e-Prescribing

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    Posted on August 17, 2016 by Bobbi Reinholdt There are many factors to be concerned about when it comes to the safe use of prescription medications. For example, 39 per cent of Canadians aged 55+ take four or more medications.And Canada is now the...

  • Pandora’s Box? Adolescent Access to Digital Health Records Research Summary


    16 August 2016

    This document summarizes the results of a research project that consisted of an environmental scan and literature review, a Pan-Canadian survey and focus groups, and a privacy legal framework review to better understand adult and adolescent perceptions...

  • Patient Access

    Web page
    Today, 80 per cent of Canadians want access to their health records and other digital health solutions. Infoway regularly commissions research, surveys and focus groups to better understand the areas of patient access that need attention. This research...

  • Benefits Evaluation Framework

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    Infoway worked with a panel of leading researchers to develop a Benefits Evaluation Framework and Strategy to help understand the effects Canada's investments in digital health technologies are having on individuals and the health care system as a...

  • Benefits Evaluation

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    Infoway works closely with our partners to assess the value of digital health projects and whether objectives have been achieved with our investments. These evaluations help us understand how our investments are impacting Canadians and the health care...

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