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  • Digital Health Myths

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    Digital health is transforming the way Canadians access health care as more and more are able to view their personal health history online, connect with their care provider through a virtual setting, and e-book medical appointments. It has also changed...

  • Myth: Digital Health is Only for the Young and Tech Savvy


    06 April 2017

    Myth: Digital health is only for the young and tech savvy. Fact: Canadians are very connected, including seniors. 88.5% of Canadian households have Internet access. Digital health offers important opportunities for advancing care for seniors through...

  • Myth: I Won’t Understand My Lab Results If I Access Them Online Because They Are Too Complicated


    06 April 2017

    Myth: I won’t understand my lab results if I access them online because they are too complicated. Fact: In a study, 76% of patients who first saw their lab results online were confident they understood the results. The study also showed patients who...

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