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Infoway Certified Products

These products have successfully completed the certification process by demonstrating compliance with all relevant pre-implementation certification assessment criteria. The Infoway Mark of Conformity may be applied to these products and they may be promoted as compliant with relevant pan-Canadian standards.

Note that the “certified” designations associated with the products listed below:

  • Apply only to the product that is listed and only to that version of the product
  • Are based on conformance to pan-Canadian and international standards and norms and do not necessarily reflect jurisdiction-specific requirements (e.g., provincial privacy legislation)
  • Do not assess product usability
  • Are relevant to pre-implementation certification only – the assessment criteria represent only broad and basic capabilities criteria that may not be sufficiently comprehensive in an operational context

Certified Products

Domain: Ambulatory Electronic Medical Record

ClassificationProduct VendorProduct NameVersionCertifiedRecertifiedExpiry
J-class, Laboratory & Clinical Documents Allscripts

Sunrise Ambulatory Care Module

Description »
Sunrise Ambulatory Care enables clinicians to offer seamless care across multiple venues through every stage of care and administration. As patients transition between healthcare settings, Sunrise Ambulatory Care provides full visibility to critical information regarding current orders, medications and results, fostering informed decision-making.

15.3 and 16.3 10/07/2013 07/01/2016 12/31/2017
J-class, Laboratory Elekta Ltd. Mosaiq

Description »

MOSAIQ® is Elekta's Oncology Information Management System. With over 2,500 customers worldwide, MOSAIQ is the industry-leading solution for oncology departments. Designed to manage the complete patient care continuum, MOSAIQ is a vendor neutral, expandable platform that centralizes radiation oncology and medical oncology patient data into a single user interface. Clinicians managing complex treatments benefit from the system's advanced functionality, enabling radiation and medical oncology staff to seamlessly share clinical information.

v2.41, 2.50 and 2.60 10/09/2014 01/01/2016 06/30/2017
J-class, Laboratory Epic Ambulatory Canadian Certified EHR Suite

Description »

EpicCare connects primary care and specialists to a single record and a single system for chart review, order management, and documentation. Integrated enterprise intelligence and population health tools give physicians the information they need to deliver better care – and to see how well they are doing.

Epic 2014, Epic 2015 and Epic 2017 07/29/2014 01/01/2016 06/30/2017
N-class Intrahealth Canada Limited Profile HCC

Description »

Profile HCC is a fully featured and integrated Practice Management System for physicians and other primary and ambulatory care clinicians. Profile provides seamless integration between the Electronic Medical Record and front desk administration. HCC adds a community based management module that enables enhanced hospital and community care. Our integrated platform extends to patients and external providers through secure web portals, and to community workers through secure mobile tools.

v7.0 12/06/2012 07/02/2015 12/31/2016
J class, Laboratory Varian Medical Systems ARIA® for Medical Oncology

Description »

The ARIA® oncology information system (OIS) for Medical Oncology is a software solution that provides the tools needed to manage clinical, administrative and financial activities in the medical oncology department. The tools provided by the ARIA® OIS for Medical Oncology software are: disease management, chemotherapy ordering, drug ordering, non-drug physician ordering, pharmacy, decision support, clinical trials, health assessment, data collection and analysis, charge capture and report generation.

v11, v13.6 and 13.7  05/25/2015 07/01/2016  12/31/2017
N-class Cerner Canada PowerChart Ambulatory

Description »

PowerChart Ambulatory is Cerner’s Ambulatory Electronic Medical Record solution supporting clinician workflow in hospital outpatient venues as well as physician offices in more than 40 specialty areas. Knowledge-based care embedded within the medical record prompts the provider with key clinical information at the point of care to enable to the delivery of high quality, safe and effective care. It is interoperable across the healthcare spectrum within patient portals and patient-centric health records.

2007.19, 2012 and 2015 07/07/2015 n/a 12/31/2016
J Class, Laboratory Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Description »

SunnyCare’s integrated ambulatory Electronic Medical Record (aEMR) is an extension of Sunnybrook Health Science Centre’s (SHSC) own web-based clinician workflow platform called SunnyCare. It improves clinician efficiency, patient flow and continuity of care by enabling integration with clinical systems at SHSC, ensuring clinician functions and patient information are available on-demand and never duplicated and including consult management, physician order entry, clinical documentation, medication reconciliation, medication administration, physician sign-out, and discharge summaries. 03/20/2017 N/A


Domain: Consumer Health Application

ClassificationProduct VendorProduct NameVersionCertifiedRecertifiedExpiry
Category I Dependent TELUS Health Solutions Personal Health Record (iPHR)

Description »

InstantPHR® is a flexible and interoperable patient engagement platform, developed by Get Real Health. IPHR is comprised of over 200 web-based data visualization and care management tools that can be used to quickly, easily and cost-effectively create and configure personal health applications – both on the web and via mobile devices.

v3.4 and 3.5 05/06/2014 07/01/2015 12/31/2016
Category II Uni-Directional McKesson Canada RelayHealth

Description »

RelayHealth is a web-based service which facilitates effective and efficient care collaboration. It provides a complete electronic health record by connecting with source systems and presenting the information to all members of the care team. The RelayHealth service includes a personal health record for the patient based on a complete view of a patient's record. The platform also provides secure messaging for referrals, appointment requests, and other clinical communication between providers or between providers and patients.

n/a 09/16/2014 01/01/2016 06/30/2017
Category I Dependent Health Quality Innovation Collaborative


Description »

miDASH is an innovative patient health portal solution that allows patients to have better access to their health information when they need it from the comfort of their own home. They can access their lab results, view and book appointments and can request a refill on their medications. Patients can also engage in secure messaging with their health care team.


v3.3 03/29/2016 n/a 06/30/2017
Category II Uni-Directional Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Description »

MyChart is a personal online health management and continuity of care record solution designed specifically for patients/health consumer and through them their family, health participants, physicians and care teams.  MyChart consists of clinical and personal information with clinical information coming directly from the Hospital electronic patient record system. Users are empowered to manage and control own personal health record with sharing capabilities. MyChart is a complete record of user’s personal health journey.


v2.0 12/03/2015 n/a 12/31/2016
Category I Dependent Ontario Lung Association (OLA)


Description »

Breathe provides the opportunity for people with asthma to engage in individualized treatment plans to achieve better asthma control, allowing them to self-manage anywhere, anytime. With integration with asthma data repositories, personal health records, and asthma clinics, the system creates a collaborative environment between the individual, caregivers, and providers. Breathe is available as a web application accessible on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

v1.0 05/31/2016 n/a 06/30/2017
Category I Dependent EPIC

MyChart Canadian Certified Patient Portal

Description »

MyChart, Epic’s patient portal, is a customizable web application that gives patients easy access to their medical records. Offering MyChart to patients can help strengthen the relationships they have with clinicians and give patients tools they can use to become better invested in their own health.

Epic 2014 and Epic 2015 11/28/2016 n/a 12/31/2017

Domain: Diagnostic Imaging

ClassificationProduct VendorProduct NameVersionCertifiedRecertifiedExpiry
PACS Philips Canada


Description »

Philips IntelliSpace PACS provides access to relevant, multi-modality information to support clinical decision making anywhere,* anytime. It simplifies PACS via a unique service delivery model with built-in flexibility, scalability and interoperability. Ultimately, it facilitates collaboration throughout the enterprise to enhance clinician workflow, patient care and financial outcomes.

4.4 and 4.5 03/31/2017 n/a 06/30/2018

Domain: Electronic Medical Record

ClassificationProduct VendorProduct NameVersionCertifiedRecertifiedExpiry
J-class, Laboratory Dymaxion Research Limited Practimax

Description »

Practimax draws on Dymaxion’s 40 years of experience to deliver responsive IT support for specialist and GP clinics. Practimax EMR version six culminates 15 years of disciplined design to deliver the features most important to clinicians. The first to deliver electronic test results to community clinics, Practimax designers rely on HL7 standards while incorporating current toolsets to ensure interoperability at low cost. The Practimax mission is to partner with clinicians, staff and other Health IT organizations to support patient care. Direct interaction between clinicians and developers ensures knowledgeable support and continual quality improvement.

v6.1.1 01/07/2013 01/01/2016 06/30/2017
N-class Intrahealth Canada Limited Profile HCC

Description »

Profile HCC is a fully featured and integrated Practice Management System for physicians and other primary and ambulatory care clinicians. Profile provides seamless integration between the Electronic Medical Record and front desk administration. HCC adds a community based management module that enables enhanced hospital and community care. Our integrated platform extends to patients and external providers through secure web portals, and to community workers through secure mobile tools.

v7.0 12/06/2012 07/02/2015 12/31/2016
N-class TELUS Health Solutions PS Suite® Software

Description »

Owned and backed by the Canadian Medical Association, MD Physician Services’ PS Suite® Software consists of billing, scheduling, electronic medical records and the® Health Portal. It is a powerful, intuitive, clinical management solution, which enables physicians to create an effective and rewarding practice. PS Suite Software is offered for Mac and PC, and is available in both Local and ASP formats.

v5.2 03/22/2012 05/19/2015 06/30/2016
N-class TELUS Health Inc. Med Access EMR

Description »

Med Access EMR is an ASP and local server Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Billing, and Scheduling solution built on a modern technology platform designed to function over the Internet. It is intuitive and easy to work with, and can be tailored to individual preferences so that all users can immediately incorporate the software into their practice, with advanced functionality as use and needs evolve. Med Access EMR has unique task management capabilities that helps a practice better manage workflow and eliminate errors of omission. The industry-leading user interface and system templates are easily customized by the end user, increasing speed, minimizing data entry, and supporting the recording of comprehensive chart information.

v4.9 and 5.0 06/15/2012 01/03/2017 06/30/2018
N-class TELUS Health Inc.

Wolf EMR

Description »

Wolf EMR is a secure, highly available, highly reliable, comprehensive cloud-based EMR that captures and organizes patient information and displays it in a user friendly way.  Designed by doctors for doctors, the Wolf EMR suite integrates billing, scheduling, charting, messaging, and clinical decision support. Wolf EMR’s customizable and intuitive workflow has been helping specialist clinics, family practices and other health care organizations increase productivity, maximize revenues and enhance patient care since 1998.  

 2015.2  01/07/2013  03/21/2016  06/30/2017
N-class Plexia Electronic Medical Systems Inc. Plexia EMR

Description »

Plexia EMR is a secure web-based application that simplifies and improves productivity by catering to the workflow of a medical clinic. All data stored in the EMR can be analyzed by physicians to reveal ways to further streamline their workflow. With ongoing development of innovative clinical features, it is a comprehensive suite that meets clinic’s needs and maximizes office efficiency.
v4 07/02/2015 01/01/2017 12/31/2017

The Infoway Mark of Conformity may be applied to these products and promoted as compliant with relevant pan-Canadian standards.

For further questions about these products please contact the product vendor directly. For more information about Certification Services please contact Infoway Certification Services.

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