Study Evaluates Mobile App for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Evaluation to focus on province-wide applicability

(Toronto) – The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is partnering with Lawson Health Research Institute (Lawson) to evaluate the impact of a remote telemonitoring solution for patients with chronic kidney disease who are currently receiving peritoneal dialysis (PD) at home.

This approach is being tested in a randomized controlled trial led by London Health Sciences Centre’s (LHSC) Kidney Care Centre.

“Peritoneal dialysis enables patients to manage at home, rather than having to spend long days hooked up to dialysis machines at the hospital,” says Dr. Ed Brown, CEO, OTN. “It is usually much better for their quality of life, and certainly very much less expensive for the healthcare system, for them to do it that way. However, it's not easy to do and can be overwhelming for patients.

“We think that by giving them more support and tools that help them manage the whole process at home, we can increase their success rate. This is in line with the goals of the Ontario Renal Network, which aims to increase the percentage of home dialysis from the current 18% to 40%.”

Half of the 450-650 patients participating in the three-year study at various sites will receive a tablet with an application called eQ Connect Solution that tracks vital information like weight, blood pressure and fluid amounts. The remaining patients will serve as the control group, receiving treatment as normal.

eQ Connect Solution is a product of eQOL Inc., a company launched through Toronto’s MaRS innovation hub. It records data and instantly transmits to the patient’s care team for monitoring and to help identify any problems.

With the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV), OTN will comprehensively assess measures that capture the patient experience and health outcomes in a subset of patients over one year. The project is funded by Canada Health Infoway (CHI) and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Patients are often anxious about undergoing home-based dialysis because of the tasks they must manage, according to Dr. Arsh Jain, a Lawson scientist and LHSC Home Dialysis Program Director. “This technology records data, automates the ordering of supplies, and provides educational content and an instant means of reaching the care team, which is very helpful for patients,” he says. “Above all, the trial allows us to monitor the patients at home so we can see how they are doing.”

The goal of the study is to reduce hospitalizations, infection rates and patient transfers from in-home dialysis to dialysis in a clinical setting. “This solution has the potential to improve the patient experience and create health system savings,” says Dr. Jain. “In-home dialysis is significantly less expensive than dialysis in a clinical setting. If we can improve the experience and comfort of these patients, it will have a big impact.”

Canada Health Infoway is a proud funder of this initiative, and looks forward to the results as it seeks cost-effective innovations with the potential to deliver positive outcomes for patients across Canada.

“Providing patient care remotely allows those living with chronic illnesses to get the care they need at home, where many would rather be,” says Michael Green, President and CEO, CHI. “It has also helps improve patient outcomes while reducing hospital re-admissions and trips to the Emergency Department.”

“The future of virtual care will involve applications that view users as both patients and consumers,” says Dr. Trevor Jamieson, who leads the Virtual Care strategy at WIHV. “Patients rightly expect to access tools that not only improve their health, but also complement their overall experience with health care.
This can be achieved with more user-friendly interfaces, straightforward integration with day-to-day tasks and help with logistics like the ordering of supplies.”

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