New electronic medical record system to further enhance exchange of vital patient information at Group Health Centre in Sault Ste. Marie

April 12, 2012 – Canada Health Infoway Inc. (Infoway) and the Group Health Centre (GHC) today launched a new $3.3-million initiative, the Group Health Centre Ambulatory EMR and Hospital Information System Connect Project. 

This project will revitalize GHC’s I.T. infrastructure and integrate it with local hospital and provincial electronic health record (EHR) systems to enhance quality of care and share information between healthcare settings. Alignment with provincial and national EMR and EHR initiatives are critical elements of the project.


GHC’s existing EMR has been used by local clinicians to store and share information amongst authorized healthcare providers for more than 15 years. While this system has helped position GHC as an EMR leader, the time has come to replace the existing EMR solution with the next generation of EMR.

“Canada Health Infoway is pleased to partner with Group Health Centre, a national leader in the adoption of EMR systems, to renew the information systems that help its clinicians provide excellent care to the patients they serve,” said Richard Alvarez, Infoway’s President and CEO.

Dr. Brian Mitchell, Ophthalmologist and GHC Board Chair stated: “Our goal is to achieve excellence in healthcare by harnessing the power of information and delivering a comprehensive, patient-focused, secure and private electronic system that will improve the way patients
receive care.”

“The GHC is very excited about this initiative and opportunity.  We serve 80 per cent of the Sault Ste Marie market and have one of the most comprehensive patient databases in Canada. We have been collecting health information electronically on 60,000 patients for more than 15 years.  We anticipate that the new EMR system will not only maintain our leadership position in community health services but will benefit Canadians through a tremendous research capability. GHC is, and has been, the leader in our specialized healthcare niche for a number of years and the new EMR strengthens that position of service, education and research,” said Group Health Centre President & CEO, Grant B. Walsh.


Canada Health Infoway is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by the federal government. Infoway jointly invests with every province and territory to accelerate the development and adoption of health information and communications technology projects in Canada. Fully respecting patient confidentiality, these secure systems will provide clinicians and patients with the information they need to better support safe care decisions and manage their own health. Accessing this vital information quickly will help foster a more modern and sustainable health care system for all Canadians.

Group Health Centre is a multidisciplinary, community-based, ambulatory healthcare organization of over 60,000 primary care patients in Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma District, with a history of providing the most comprehensive, seamless, outcome-based, primary care, illness prevention and chronic disease management programs. GHC is one of the most technologically advanced physician group practices in Canada with an electronic medical record (EMR) system implemented in 1997.


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