Modernizing Prescribing Practices to Improve Patient Care

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As I enter my “prime” years of life (yes, the sixties), I find myself needing a few more prescriptions than in the past. At my last annual physical, my doctor gave me a handwritten prescription, which I quickly lost somewhere between the car and my home. Replacing it seemed like a huge hassle. I don’t know what shocked me more: the fact that I needed the prescription, the fact that I lost it, or the fact that it was handwritten, in our digital world.

Supporting Patients’ Digital Health Literacy

  • Patient Digital Health Literacy
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Physical distancing, social circles, contact tracing, R0 numbers…over the past few months, we’ve adapted quickly to a wide range of new terms and concepts in order to stay healthy. For many Canadians, this information is largely new, the COVID-19 pandemic thus highlighting the importance of health literacy.

Engaged Patients Part II: Engaged Patients and Virtual Care

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  • Virtual Care

It’s a brave new world in health care. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Canadians have turned increasingly to virtual care.

Meet the Engaged Patients

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How involved are you in making decisions and taking action to improve your health and wellness? How confident do you feel navigating the health system?

Website Helps Canadians Understand Pathology Reports

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Have you ever received a pathology report from your doctor and wondered what everything meant? Did you go home and Google the medical terms? Were you frustrated that you couldn’t find what you were looking for, or that everything seemed to be intended for Americans? Now there’s an easier, safer, more reliable way to learn about your diagnosis, and the information is written by Canadians for Canadians.