The Continuous Foresight Process: Infoway Would Like Your Help to Look into the Future of Health Care

By Mario Voltolina

It’s been an unprecedented time for health care, and innovation has helped support Canadians and the health system through COVID-19 and its challenges. Technology has played an important role in ensuring that Canadians can continue to access the care they need — and now, we need Canadian innovators to help us drive innovation forward across the country.

I’m part of the Innovative Technologies team here at Infoway. We focus on accelerating the adoption of innovative technologies to help ensure better health outcomes for Canadians and to support the goals of health care’s Quadruple Aim:

  • Improving the patient and caregiver experience
  • Improving the health of populations
  • Reducing the per capita cost of health care
  • Improving the work life of providers

Over the last eighteen months, we’ve seen how the Canadian innovation landscape is changing. Patients are more involved in managing their care, the pandemic has prompted us to reimagine how care is delivered, and how regulatory landscapes and technologies continue to rapidly evolve. When combined, this makes it even more difficult to understand what new technologies are on the horizon and what impacts they have on health care outcomes.

To help, we’ve developed a Continuous Foresight Process. The Continuous Foresight Process is based on approaches from Gartner Consulting, Thoughtworks, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Good Judgment Project. Infoway has combined these and other approaches and designed a process that we believe will assist in identifying and presenting key innovative technologies in health care in Canada.

The Continuous Foresight Process consists of five phases. Infoway will collaborate with the Canadian Healthcare Innovation Community (CHIC) at large in varying capacities and roles throughout the process.

  1. Engage Community
  2. Scan & Identify Opportunities
  3. Organize Opportunities
  4. Forecast Opportunities
  5. Develop Radar and Share

To broaden and operationalize this process, we’re calling on health care innovation community to participate in the Continuous Foresight Process.  The Canadian Healthcare Innovation Community (CHIC) is an umbrella term we are using to describe all the people and roles that participate in health care innovation in Canada. CHIC includes health care professionals, health administrators, health and technology experts, researchers and many other groups.

The CHIC will identify candidate new technologies and anticipated health outcomes, follow a structured process to forecast and estimate the impacts of these new technologies and will assist Infoway in improving the Continuous Foresight Process.

Working together, we won’t just wait for the future of health care.  You can help build it. For more information about the Continuous Foresight Process and how to get involved, please get in touch with us. We look forward to connecting with you.

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Mario Voltolina

Mario Voltolina

As Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Product Engineering and Operations at Infoway, Mario Voltolina is responsible for the Product Engineering and Operations group. The group manages the design, development and operation of Infoway’s products and services. Responsibilities include quality, performance, reliability, availability, lifecycle management and support functions. Mario has more than 30 years of experience in the information technology industry, mainly in health care and financial services, with some interesting detours into manufacturing and geographic information systems.