Remote Patient Care = Fewer Hospital Stays

By Shelagh Maloney

Remote patient care (RPC) is just one digital health innovation that is transforming the delivery of health care in Canada. Infoway recently released a new whiteboard animation that explores the benefits of RPC (also known as remote patient monitoring or RPM), and the benefits are many.

Remote Patient Care = Fewer Hospital Stays

An Ernst & Young study released last year, and commissioned by Infoway, looked at the benefits of remote patient care. RPC means patients can stay connected with their health care team while at home and that care teams can be alerted to a change in a patient’s condition before it becomes serious. This results in:

  • Fewer hospital readmissions
  • Fewer trips to the ER
  • Better health outcomes
  • Improved quality of life for patients
  • The ability of patients to manage conditions from the comfort of their home

Watch the new animation and share your thoughts.

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Shelagh Maloney

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