Digital Health Can Enable Better Health Outcomes

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Nancy Lefebre

With an important focus in health care on person- and family-centered care, the move towards technology seems common-sense. People are using technology to make their lives easier. We have heard time and again, that people want care where they are — in their homes — and they want health care that seamlessly fits in to their lives. To do this successfully, we need to rethink and restructure the way care is delivered and funded, with technology as a key enabler to this. There is tremendous opportunity as we shift toward “home as the hub of care,” to expand the use of digital technology and integrated funding models. 

At Saint Elizabeth, we’re partnering with others in the health care system to use technology to streamline experiences and provide better outcomes. Through our work with hospital partners, we’ve created programs that have leveraged technology to create an integrated record of care, monitor patients remotely, provide virtual visits and consultations, and offer a 24/7 call line to access clinical support. Through this we’ve seen great results, including reduced length of hospital stay and reduced re-hospitalizations. We have been able to support some of the most complex patients in their homes. The next step is expanding this type of care and working together to ensure new digital health solutions are adopted in a large scale way. This is where we will see the real impact to patients, institutions and the system as a whole.

There are endless possibilities for the support and opportunity that technology can enable in health care. As health leaders, it’s important we remain focused on providing amazing care and experiences for people, working together to remove complexity and adapt technology on a larger scale for today’s patients — ones who know the value of technology in their care.  

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