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  • Understanding Workflow

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    OntarioMD created this video to help physicians and their practices better understand workflow processes.

  • Connecting the Circle of Care with PEI’s Provincial EHR

    In 2006, with funding from Canada Health Infoway, PEI embarked on a project to replace four legacy systems in one hospital with a new EHR system. Now, no matter where a patient goes in PEI, their record follows them. Margaret Duffy-Landry, RN Business and Clinical Lead, Health PEI, discusses the benefits seen across the province.

  • Telehealth: Bringing care closer to home

    In BC, thoracic surgeons are providing care closer to home for 30 per cent of their patients via telehealth. Here, Dr. Michael Humer, thoracic surgeon at BC Interior Health Authority, discusses the success they have found over the past eight years resulting in consultations with more than 8,000 patients in 1,700 clinics, saving six million kilometers of patient travel.

  • The Montmagny paperless clinic

    The Montmagny-L'Islet Family Medicine Group in Montmagny, Quebec, was formed in 2003 by the staff of three clinics and has grown to include five clinics served by 20 doctors and three nurses.

  • Dr. Donald Chan Shares Knowledge of EMR as a Peer Leader

    Dr. Donald Chan is a physician in Edmonton, Alberta. He has used an electronic medical record (EMR) system since 2004. He and his colleagues at Palisades Medical Clinic completed their transition to their new EMR system in June 2010. Dr. Chan talks about the benefits of the system, as well as implementation challenges. He also shares his knowledge as a peer leader.

  • Dr. Bryce Kelpin on the Benefits of an EMR

    Dr. Bryce Kelpin is medical director of Continuum Medical Care in West Vancouver, British Columbia. This practice, which is made up of family physicians and specialists, provides care for about 35,000 patients. Dr. Kelpin talks about the benefits of an electronic medical record (EMR) system for patients, and care providers.

  • Shared Health Records: Quicker, Easier Access to Patient Information

    If you can get the right information at the right time, patients are safer. That’s the message Dr. Tunji Fatoye, unit director at Seven Oaks Hospital’s Kildonan Medical Centre delivers as he discusses eChart Manitoba – a secure electronic system that gives authorized health care providers access to key patient information in a timely and secure manner.

  • Peer Leader Symposium 2015 - Sharing the Patient Story

    Regina Holliday, an activist, artist and author, was a keynote speaker at Infoway's 2015 Peer Leader Symposium in February. She also created a painting that shows patients at the centre of Infoway's mission and illustrates the benefits of digital health, timely data access for patients and the importance of patients and care providers working as a team.

  • Knowing the Plan for Clinicians

    This animated video provides an overview of the Canada-wide initiative and progress for a network of interconnected point-of-care and electronic health record systems. A patient scenario demonstrates how information and communication technology will support clinical practice. This video may be embedded on your website or linked from presentation applications such as PowerPoint.

  • What Clinicians are Saying

    Hear what Canadian clinicians from various disciplines have to say about the benefits of using information and communication technology in clinical practice. This video may be embedded on your website or linked from presentation applications such as PowerPoint.

  • Timely Access to Information

    This video demonstrates how interconnected electronic health record systems in Prince Edward Island and Alberta are providing clinicians with timely access to patient information. Learn how having access to a patient’s complete medical picture can result in fewer delays and help clinicians provide the best possible care. This video may be embedded on your website or linked from presentation applications such as PowerPoint.

  • Decision Support and Workflow

    Health care providers are increasingly using electronic decision support tools at the point of care to make evidence-informed decisions. This video describes how the electronic medication reconciliation process helps to reduce errors and support team collaboration. This video may be embedded on your website or linked from presentation applications such as PowerPoint. Tags: medication reconciliation, medication, patient safety, decision support, University Health Network, peer story, information and communication technology, ICT, electronic health record, EHR, knowing is better, education, toolkit, doctor, nurse, pharmacist

  • Improves Efficiency and Avoids Duplication

    Having the ability to access and exchange comprehensive patient electronic health information between providers improves efficiency and reduces unnecessary tests and procedures. In this video, see how clinicians and patients in British Columbia are realizing these benefits and more. This video may be embedded on your website or linked from presentation applications such as PowerPoint.

  • Collaboration and Communication

    This video demonstrates that for patients like Marie-France Perrault, who lives at a distance from her health care team, receiving specialized treatment can be a challenge. See how a respiratory therapist, a respirologist and a patient collaborate virtually using telehealth technology to help solve common challenges in health care delivery. This video may be embedded on your website or linked from presentation applications such as PowerPoint

  • Better management of chronic conditions

    A comprehensive electronic health record means patient information is brought together, making it an invaluable tool for the care teams to better manage patients like George Roper who suffers from chronic conditions.

  • LEADing Practices Award Recipients

    Hear from the LEADing Practice award recipients - recorded at the 2014 Advancing Care Peer Leader Symposium, hosted by Canada Health Infoway

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