Redefining Health Care Delivery

X-Reality (Cross Reality) is an umbrella term that refers to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and other forms of representation and superimposition of computer-aided content. 

Cross reality is revolutionizing health care and giving providers the power to achieve applications that weren’t previously possible. It has several exciting application areas in health care, which include: 

  • Medical education and training — for example, peripheral devices that can provide students and trainees a virtual haptic experience
  • Digital twins & precision medicine, or a virtual representation of a person or part of a person
  • Virtual surgery using X-reality devices that interact with patients
  • Physical therapy, including immersive environments that can help with pain management or pain perception
  • Exposure therapy, such as interaction with virtual characters and scenarios to help develop responses to anxiety disorders

To accelerate the adoption of cross reality in Canada’s health system, Infoway will develop initiatives around education and awareness, as well as convene early adopters to develop use cases.

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