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Chronic Disease

  • The Practice Challenge: Using Technology for Population Health Management


    23 January 2014

    The Practice Challenge: Using Technology for Population Health Management shows that overall, EMR-enabled clinics are much faster than paper-based clinics. This is a visual backgrounder of the challenge's highlights.

  • The Practice Challenge: Using Technology for Better Patient Care: Findings-at-a-glance


    07 June 2013

    The Population Health Management Challenge shows that overall, EMR-enabled clinics were much faster than paper-based clinics at all tasks. This is a visual backgrounder of the challenge's highlights.

  • Better management of chronic conditions

    A comprehensive electronic health record means patient information is brought together, making it an invaluable tool for the care teams to better manage patients like George Roper who suffers from chronic conditions.

  • Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) Telehomecare Program

    Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), together with the LHINs of Ontario, offer a program called Telehomecare to help manage chronic health conditions — chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or congestive heart failure (CHF) — at home.

  • Ontario Telemedicine Network Telehomecare Deployment Project: Phase 2-Remote Patient Monitoring


    17 November 2016

    In October 2014, the Ontario Telemedicine Network launched the expansion of their telehomecare project to 3500 patients with chronic disease throughout Ontario. This benefits evaluation report exhibits the impact of the telehomecare program such as an...

  • Telehomecare Reduces ER Use and Hospitalizations at William OslerHealth System


    21 April 2016

    The report for the Ontario Telemedicine Network’s Telehomecare initiative shows that telehomecare can be a model of care that connects patients to their healthcare teams in real time, which can shift the health system from expensive hospital-based acute...

  • Telehomecare for chronic conditions: Living well at home

    Telehomecare helps patients manage chronic disease by bringing care right into their homes. This video from Ontario Telemedicine Network shows how telehomecare keeps these patients out of the hospital and emergency room, and helps them live their best...

  • Karla's Story: Patient Portals

    As a nurse working with chronic disease patients, Karla explains how electronic portals are enabling patients to be a more active part of their care team.

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