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Better Health Together

  • 99% of Imaging in Canadian Hospitals is Now Digital

    99% of imaging in Canadian hospitals is now digital. Think digital health isn't working for you? Think again.

  • Backgrounder: Better Health Together


    23 October 2013

    Canada Health Infoway has launched a public education campaign called Better Health Together, aimed at helping Canadians learn more about the value and benefits of digital health.

  • Better Health Together

    Web page
    Think digital health isn’t working for you? Think again. Aimed at raising awareness of the value and benefits of digital health for Canadians, the Better Health Together campaign features Canadians sharing their stories on their experiences with digital...

  • Better Health Together Workshop: The Citizens’ Vision for Better Health through Digital Solutions


    26 May 2017

    This document is an output from the Better Health Together Workshop, held in March 2017, which brought together 34 citizen participants from across Canada. By partaking in a series of collaborative activities and expert presentations, the participants...

  • Brian's Story - Heart and Stroke Foundation

    Brian was in his 40s, active and playing tennis regularly. Then suddenly, he needed emergency triple bypass surgery. After facing down heart disease, Brian has changed his attitude, lifestyle and approach to living. Take the Heart and Stroke...

  • Digital Health in Canada — Brian's Story: Convenience

    Digital health benefits Brian by providing convenient access through electronic prescription renewals, but also allowing him to feel more engaged in his care.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Alexa's Story

    Alexa has used digital health for the management of chronic conditions, and appreciates that through digital health, she is more empowered when working with her health care team.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Anna's Story

    As an EMS worker with Toronto Paramedic Services, Anna believes MedicAlert Digital Health Records are imperative because they give her access to the most pertinent information when patients aren’t able to properly communicate.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Brian's Story

    See how Brian benefits from his health care team's use of electronic health records - making the process of getting his prescriptions filled more efficient and streamlined.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Cathy's Story

    Hear from Cathy who uses a variety of digital health tools to help proactively manage her care, and for her family.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Cheryl's Story

    Learn how Cheryl, a mother with a young daughter with special needs, makes her visits with health care providers more efficient through the use of electronic health records.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Cheryl-Anne's Story

    Listen to Cheryl-Anne's story as she explains the benefits of digital health tools when managing her cancer journey.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Denice's Story

    Watch Denice discuss the online support that she received after the death of her teenage son, and how using digital health tools has had a positive impact on her overall health and wellness.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Donna's Story

    Donna first experienced the benefits of digital health when her father was in the emergency room. Learn why Donna credits digital health for her father’s health today.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Dr. Alex Summers’s Story

    As a resident at St. Michael's Hospital, Dr. Alex Summers uses electronic medical records in the emergency department, allowing him to more efficiently communicate with colleagues and keep track of patients’ care.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Dr. Ewan Affleck's Story

    Hear from Dr. Affleck, a GP who lives and works in Yellowknife, N.W.T.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Dr. Kendall Ho's Story

    Hear Dr. Kendall Ho give an example of how secure, instant access to a patient's health information in an emergency provides a comprehensive patient picture that helps health care providers deliver treatment.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Dr. Marie Andree Fortin's Story

    Listen to the experience of Dr. Marie-Andrée Fortin, the head of the radio-oncology department at the Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval (CICL), on how the clinic's implementation of digital health tools are improving the patient-provider...

  • Digital Health in Canada: Dr. Tunji Fatoye's Story

    Dr. Fatoye uses a secure electronic system that allows authorized health care providers to access the right patient information at the right time. Hear his story and how it's helping his patients.

  • Digital Health in Canada: Isabelle’s Story

    As a busy mom with a full-time job, Isabelle appreciates being able to book appointments online, allowing her faster access to a physician.

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