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  • Handbook of eHealth Evaluation

    External Web page
    This handbook, published by the University of Victoria, provides a practical guide on the evaluation of eHealth systems for students and individuals who are involved with the planning, design, implementation, use, support and assessment of eHealth...

  • Perspectives on e-health Change from Top Canadian Hospital Leaders EN


    03 October 2013

  • A Framework and Toolkit for Managing eHealth Change


    21 June 2013

    This document is focused on Change Management practices as they relate to people and organizations undertaking change within the context of eHealth projects. Downloadable tools and resources related to the Framework are available in the online Change...

  • COACH Guidelines to Mitigate Safety Risks in eHealth

    June 25, 2014 Elizabeth Keller, Chair of the COACH eSafety Council presented the ‘tried and tested’ set of eSafety Guidelines, designed to ensure patient safety throughout the entire lifecycle of eHealth products and initiatives. Hear how COACH is...

  • Patient e-Booking - Practice perspectives on the benefits, challenges and lessons learned


    02 June 2015

    This panel presentation was conducted at the eHealth Conference 2015. It provides an overview of e-booking focusing on the perceived value, benefits, challenges and lessons learned from participating practices who have implemented patient e-booking. Two...

  • Evaluating Patient Empowerment in Association With eHealth Technology: Scoping Review


    10 November 2017

    This scoping review published in Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), explores the concept of patient empowerment within the context of citizen access to their health information through an online personal health record. The review furthers the...

  • Privacy and Security

    Web page
    Addressing privacy and confidentiality of personal health information is fundamental to all Infoway digital health initiatives. All jurisdictions in Canada (federal, provincial, territorial) have laws in place to protect personal information, with many...

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