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  • 2016 National Survey of Community-Based Pharmacists: Use of Digital Health Technology in Practice


    22 March 2017

    Learn about the results of the 2016 National Survey of Community-Based Pharmacists: Use of Digital Health Technology in Practice, including the positive impact that the use of digital health is having on Canadian pharmacists’ changing practice needs and...

  • 2016 National Survey of Community-Based Pharmacists: Use of Digital Health Technology in Practice Data Set


    29 June 2017

    The 2016 National Survey of Community-Based Pharmacists: Use of Digital Health Technology in Practice, revealed the positive impact that the use of digital health is having on Canadian pharmacists’ changing practice needs and on patient safety and the...

  • Adopting Pan-Canadian Standards: PEI’s Experience

    See how Prince Edward Island, one of the first provinces in Canada to introduce a Drug Information System, keeps track of prescription drug records.

  • Canadian community pharmacists’ use of digital health technologies in practice

    External Web page
    This article discusses the access, use and benefits of digital health in pharmacy practice based on a 2014 survey of community pharmacists in Canada.

  • Clinical Reference Groups

    Web page
    Infoway sponsors a number of Clinical Reference Groups involving physician, nursing and pharmacist leaders from across Canada. These groups help inform Infoway's plans to improve quality and access to health care for Canadians, advance clinical practice...

  • Clinician Education Campaign Orientation Guide


    05 May 2016

    This guide provides an overview of the Knowing is Better than not Knowing clinician education campaign, an introduction to the tools, implementation ideas and tips. Use this informative document as a go-to resource when using the toolkit elements.

  • Clinician Peer Networks

    Web page
    Infoway's Clinician Peer Networks promote the active engagement of health care professionals in the implementation of digital health solutions in their respective communities. The networks bring together natural leaders — physicians, nurses, pharmacists...

  • Clinicians and the Health Care Community

    Web page
    Infoway collaborates with our partners in both the private and public sectors to support and accelerate the digital health agenda and achieve the vision of healthier Canadians through innovative digital health solutions. Join the Clinical Engagement...

  • Clinicians are Embracing Digital Health

    Web page
    Posted on January 6, 2016 by Dr. Rashaad Bhyat It is no secret that the volume of medical knowledge is increasing exponentially every day.

  • Collaboration the Key to Integrating Informatics into the Pharmacy Curriculum

    Web page
    Posted on November 15 by Christopher Louizos I was asked to write a blog regarding the integration of the informatics e-resource for pharmacy students into our curriculum at the University of Manitoba, College of Pharmacy. I found this an interesting...

  • Communities Overview

    Web page
    Canada Health Infoway plays an important role in bringing together stakeholders and facilitates pan-Canadian, multi-jurisdictional collaboration, sharing and networking to move the Canadian digital health agenda forward. We engage with and provide...

  • Decision Support and Workflow

    Health care providers are increasingly using electronic decision support tools at the point of care to make evidence-informed decisions. This video describes how the electronic medication reconciliation process helps to reduce errors and support team...

  • Drug Information Systems

    Web page
    A drug information system (DIS) enables authorized users to access, manage, share and safeguard patients' medication histories. A DIS can reduce prescription errors resulting in fewer adverse drug events (such as drug-to-drug interactions) and reduced...

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    20 September 2012

    This companion document aims to address the most common questions that clinicians may have related to the implementation and use of information and communication technology in clinical practice. These FAQs will help prepare presenters to field questions...

  • Get Involved: Become a Clinical Champion

    Web page
    Infoway and its partners are calling on the health care community to participate in our national education campaign as a Clinical Champion. Join a growing grassroots community of frontline clinicians, administrators, managers, educators and students...

  • How is the Pharmacists-in-Training Project Similar to a “Barn-Raising?”

    Web page
    Posted on January 26, 2015 by Valerie Leung When a colleague likened the development of the Informatics for Pharmacy Students e-Resource to a proverbial “barn-raising,” I was intrigued.

  • Informatics e-Resource Prepares Pharmacy Students for Digital Environments

    Web page
    Posted on November 15 by Lisa Bishop In this modern, technology-enabled world, how do we encourage the next generation of pharmacists to embrace technology? Although this generation of students has grown up in a digital environment, they aren’t...

  • Knowing the Plan for Clinicians

    This animated video provides an overview of the Canada-wide initiative and progress for a network of interconnected point-of-care and electronic health record systems. A patient scenario demonstrates how information and communication technology will...

  • LEADing Practice Awards

    Web page
    Who is LEADing the way? Congratulations to the 2017 LEADing Practice award recipients! LEADing practices are noteworthy examples of high-quality leadership and service delivery (Accreditation Canada, 2013). The three award recipients exemplify the...

  • Moving Upstream – Next Generation: Clinicians in Training Program now includes Faculty Peer Leaders

    Web page
    Posted August 11, 2015 by Anne Fazzalari Technology impacts every aspect of our daily lives and academia is no exception. The tools of the trade for educators have changed today and now include everything from smart boards to social media to online...

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