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Improving Access to Care

Infoway’s ACCESS Health program is uniting industry, health care providers, provinces, territories and Canadians to redefine where and how Canadians access care.

  • Canadians will gain a greater ability to manage their care, more convenience and increased control over their personal health information.
  • Clinicians will be able to share information and communicate with each other and their patients in a modern, efficient manner.
  • Governments will be able to provide citizens with safe and secure access to their personal health information and increase access to virtual care.
  • Industry will gain the ability to integrate with ACCESS Gateway, a national technology service being developed by Infoway. Gateway will become a trusted service that digital health solutions can connect to in order to access common utilities, such as identity, access and consent management, and modern APIs that will enable integration to data repositories.

Infoway’s ACCESS Health program provides Canadians with access to their personal health information and to digitally-enabled health services.

What Will ACCESS Health Mean to You? What Will ACCESS Health Mean to You?

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