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Pandora’s Box is Open: Mature Minors’ Access to their Health Information



Thursday, September 15, 2016

Every individual has a right to their personal health information. This includes mature minors, or adolescents – those under the age of majority. As the use of digital health technology expands across Canada, a focus on the need to establish appropriate rules to facilitate an individual’s access to their personal health information also grows.

Infoway commissioned research that focused on various aspects of adolescent electronic access to personal health information that will be shared in this webinar.

This webinar will:

  • Share an overview of a legal / privacy framework review
  • Discuss the findings from an environmental scan, pan-Canadian survey and focus groups
  • Share insights and approaches related to mature minors’ access to their personal digital health information


  • Joan Roch, Chief Privacy Strategist, Canada Health Infoway
  • Cassie Frazer, Program Director, Consumer Health & Innovation, Canada Health Infoway
  • Jennifer Gillert, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario


  • Fraser Ratchford, Group Director, Consumer Health & Innovation, Canada Health Infoway

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