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Mustimuhw Citizen Health Portal: Closing the Circle of Care


20 November 2017


The Mustimuhw Citizen Health Portal supports providers and patients to play a more active, digital health-enabled role in the circle of care. An inter-operable community electronic medical record (cEMR) and personal health record (PHR) enables First Nations community members and the clinical providers that support their wellness goals to work together in a coordinated, efficient manner. Benefits evaluation analysis to-date indicates high satisfaction with the Portal and opportunities exist to further its value by including a broader range of providers and data. In addition, lessons learned should provide guidance and insight to increased adoption of consumer health solutions across Canada.

Karl Mallory Jurisdictional Lead, Mustimuhw Information Solutions

Karl has been working with First Nations to support advances in eHealth for over a decade. He and his team collaborate with Federal, Provincial and First Nations organizations across Canada to support successful implementation and transformative change initiatives. A major focus has been on integrating First Nations and provincial health processes through the use of health information management tools.

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