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Digital Health Landscape: Change Agent Perspective


20 November 2017


This essential Leadership session will provide the most current national statistics of clinician adoption and use of electronic records and other digital health technologies from Infoway’s National Pharmacists and Nurses surveys, and the 2017 CMA-Workforce Survey of Canadian Physicians. Canadians’ access to their health information and use of other digital health/connected care technologies and services will also be showcased. How these findings relate to Canada’s performance on internationally comparable health quality indicators will position a provocative discussion with our 3 clinician panelists and patient moderator. The panel will comment on the impact of digital health technologies on clinical practice and personal experience and highlight priorities for clinician and system leadership to advance access to digital solutions and effectively influence quality of care outcomes for Canadians.

Introduction: Chad Leaver Director, Applied Research, Canada Health Infoway

Chad Leaver is responsible for Infoway’s research and evaluation initiatives. His work measures the value of digital health investments in Canada and contributes evidence-based content and market intelligence to Infoway’s communications, strategic direction and corporate reporting requirements. Chad received his MSc in Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie and his MBA at Cornell.

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