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Moving to Virtual Mental Health Services at Scale


17 November 2017


Moving to Virtual Mental Health Services at Scale Andrew Slater is one of those rare disruptive visionaries when it comes to delivering meaningful at scale solutions. As CEO Andrew leads the development and delivery of a new integrated service. His focus has always been doing the right thing for patients and the wider sector. With a passion for quality, his presentation will focus on “building a large scale service change” and will explore the journey undertaken to converge a number of helplines and develop, using emerging patient co-design techniques, a number of new innovative virtual mental health services for the country. In its first 16 months, the service has connected with more than 1 million New Zealanders.

Andrew Slater
Chief Executive Officer, Homecare Medical New Zealand Andrew’s background is in the health sector where he has held roles in transformation, strategy, human resources and change management. He first got involved with Homecare Medical to develop our telehealth and mHealth strategy and is now fully on board as Homecare Medical’s first CEO. In this strategic and operational leadership role Andrew is responsible for realising the vision the Government and Homecare Medical have for the new national telehealth service. He played a key role in leading the ‘transition’ team to fully integrate services to Homecare Medical. He is now focussed on expanding the capacity and reach of health, wellness and counselling services to enable all New Zealanders to access quality care and support within their community in a way that is relevant to them personally. He is also responsible for ensuring Homecare Medical continues to be a trusted service, seamlessly connecting people with the right care and support. Before joining Homecare Medical, Andrew had a strategic leadership role with Vigil Monitoring that specialises in real-time health monitoring technology. Prior to this, he was responsible for planning, service development and transformation for St John.

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