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Myth: Canada isn’t making any progress with virtual care.


07 April 2020


Myth: Canada isn’t making any progress with virtual care.

Fact: In 2018 alone, there were 1 million telehealth video consultations between patients and clinicians in Canada, an increase of more than 500 per cent since 2010. Options for virtual care are also gradually expanding across the country, with 4% of Canadians reporting they have had a virtual video visit and 7% reporting they have emailed with their physician.

The use of technologies which allow for virtual consultations between patients and clinicians has helped patients living in rural and remote communities avoid over 280 million kilometres of travel representing over $420 million in avoided costs and over 75 million tons of CO2 in avoided emissions.

Source: 2018-2019 Annual Report, Canada Health Infoway. Access to Digital Health Services: 2019 Survey of Canadians Summary Report, Canada Health Infoway. See also:

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