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InfoCentral is a community platform where clinicians, e-health representatives, vendors, developers, and others collaborate to accelerate clinical interoperability in Canada.

Join InfoCentral and work with others across the digital health landscape on a variety of topic and project-oriented communities and working groups. Stakeholders can leverage InfoCentral to engage in different ways:

  • Clinicians: Collaborate with your peers to discuss digitally enabled workflows and functionality in health service and delivery.
  • Local, regional and jurisdiction e-health leads: Accelerate implementation projects with interoperability specifications, appropriate standards, change management and new governance models.
  • Vendors and developers: Develop, access and use technical resources, such as interoperability specifications, APIs, standards, and work to encourage the concept of solution portability.

InfoCentral hosts dozens of communities and working groups with different focus areas, such as:

Visit InfoCentral to see the latest activity and find communities in your interest area. To participate, simply login with your Infoway account, the same credentials used for many other Infoway websites such as Terminology Gateway, InfoRMS, InfoScribe and Message ReMixer. If you don’t already have one, registering for an Infoway account is an easy first step.

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