Senior Analyst, Vendor Support (Quebec)


Posting Date:
October 7, 2021
Position Title:
Senior Analyst, Vendor Support
PrescribeIT Network Delivery
Report to:
Director, Service Delivery


Infoway helps to improve the health of Canadians by working with partners to accelerate the development, adoption, and effective use of digital health across Canada. Through our investments, we help deliver better quality and access to care and more efficient delivery of health services for patients and clinicians. Infoway is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by the federal government.

Position Purpose

The Senior Analyst, Vendor Support, has the primary responsibility to ensure that Clinical System Vendors such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Pharmacy Management System (PMS) deliver the PrescribeIT™ features in a way that safeguards patient safety, privacy and security while delivering the planned clinical and workflow benefits to prescribers, pharmacists and other clinicians. The role is responsible for supporting vendors during the development phase to ensure a high-quality integration as well as contributing to PrescribeIT functional requirements and vendor specifications.

Major Responsibilities

  • Support vendor onboarding activities:
    • Work with Point of Service (POS) vendors during development phase to:
      • Advise and clarify questions regarding the vendor specifications
      • Provide implementation guidance to facilitate development, integration and conformance
      • Act as liaison with technical resources to assist in debugging issues
      • Ensure vendors implement a high-quality ePrescribing Workflow
      • Ensure vendors implementation safe-guard patient safety
    • Engage in vendor onboarding activities by developing and delivering presentations to EMR and PMS vendors describing the features, implementation details and value proposition ofthe Infoway e-Prescribing solution (PrescribeIT®.
    • Provide support to POS Vendors throughout their conformance cycle, including regular progress meetings, and work with PrescribeIT™ development, support and operational teams to resolve any questions, concerns or functional defects they identify.
    • Working closely with PrescribeIT™ technical and operational resources, provide an overview of the PrescribeIT Vendor Specifications to EMR and PMS vendors. Gather feedback and work to resolve any questions or issues.
    • Support external PrescribeIT™ solution vendor to validate the quality assurance framework and processes and to review the Quality Assurance Test Plan, including expected results. Help Identify and remedy any deficiencies in the plan and review the quality assurance test results. Work with the vendor to identify resolutions to any deficiencies.
  • Oversee and support vendor integration activities:
    • Assist point of service vendors to integratePrescribeIT™ within their EMR and PMS applications
    • Work with EMR and PMS vendor through Design Review sessions to ensure that PrescribeIT™ features are integrated into vendor solutions in a way that improves productivity and supports clinician workflow.
    • Review specification and conformance test documents with EMR and PMS Vendors to answer questions and work with them to resolve any concerns.
    • Support PrescribeIT™ team members & vendor teams in user acceptance testing to ensure that all business requirements have been met, that the system has been developed in a way that will achieve the planned clinical and workflow benefits, and that the system protects patient’s safety, privacy and security.
  • Support PrescribeIT requirements and product roadmap development
    • Provide subject matter expertise and contribute to review, draft and sign-off of product requirements.
    • Ensure that PrescribeIT™ new features and requirements are consistent with POS vendor integration, conformance, and implementation capabilities as well as clinical workflows, patient safety, privacy and security considerations.
  • Oversee and support the development and publication of Vendor Specifications:
    • For each new PrescribeIT release work closely with the PrescribeIT™ software development team, and other PrescribeIT product management team members to ensure that vendor specifications align with requirements for the PrescribeIT solution, and are clear, concise and easy for Clinical System vendors to understand and use, leveraging APIs and artifacts in computable format where possible.
  • Support change management activities
    • For each new release work with PrescribeIT™ Change Management team members to ensure that they understand new features that will be available to clinicians. Provide documentation on key areas that require change management focus and recommended workflow steps for clinicians to maximize productivity, patient safety and value from EMRs and Pharmacy Management Systems integrated with PrescribeIT™.
    • Working with the Change Management team members, engage in meetings with the EMR and PMS vendors to ensure that PrescribeIT™ training materials are developed and incorporated into the Vendor release notes and training packages. Identify any deficiencies in the training materials developed and support the effort to remedy those deficiencies.
    • Review all training documentation developed by the PrescribeIT™ Change Management team, EMR and PMS vendors to ensure that it aligns with the solution and provides guidance that will help clinicians maximize productivity, patient safety and value from EMRs and Pharmacy Management Systems integrated with PrescribeIT™.


  • Undergraduate Degree or Diploma in Health, Health Informatics, Computer Science, or related field OR equivalent experience

Qualifications & Skills

  • 3+ years of experience supporting the development and implementation of systems in the medication management domain, including writing requirements and user acceptance testing, quality assurance testing or conformance testing solutions.
    • Pharmacy software application design experience (preferably a business analyst, system analyst or quality assurance analyst).
  • 3+ years’ experience working on digital health / interoperability initiative, preferably in the medication management domain.
    • Experience and Technical knowledge of FHIR or HL7v3 messaging standards, and reading XML messages.
  • Experience supporting change management and adoption activities, including workflow analysis and training, preferably in the medication management domain.
  • Experience managing and working with vendor partners is required, specifically with EMR or Pharmacy Vendors.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of all aspects of the prescribing workflow.
  • Experience working in a clinical environment (e.g. pharmacy or physician clinic) is required (this includes knowledge of workflows that relate to creating and processing prescriptions and pharmacy renewal request creation and response workflows).
  • Experience working in an organization that utilizes agile, scrum or extreme programming is an asset.
  • Good presentation skill in terms of speaking, explaining and articulating requirements and other information to external stakeholders.
  • Must be fluently bilingual in French and English, including pharmacy vocabulary and familiarity with relevant ICT terminology (information & communication technology). Experience working with French Canadian PMS or EMR systems

Our commitment

If you are interested in the position, please submit your resume.

We thank you for your interest in this opportunity at Infoway however, only those applicants who most closely meet the qualifications for this position will be contacted.

Infoway is committed to employing a diverse workforce and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Infoway provides reasonable accommodations to employees as well as candidates taking part in the recruitment process, upon request.

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