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Leadership Team

Michèle Jémus

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Business Services

Michèle Jémus is a seasoned professional with expertise in operational finance, and strong management and leadership skills. She has a proven track record of building robust commercial infostructures and increasing operational effectiveness. She joined Infoway on January 15, 2018.

She is responsible for the Business Services Division, which has a mandate to:

  • Act as a strategic partner to Infoway’s main lines of business; and
  • Deliver critical support services (finance, people/human resources, information technology, procurement, legal, strategic planning, privacy and security, reporting, and office management) to the rest of the organization.

Prior to joining Infoway, Michèle acquired 17 years of experience in lead finance roles in the life sciences industry, holding positions at Intellivax International Inc., Biorthex Inc., EnGene Inc., Resonant Medical and Elekta, where she served as Senior Vice President Finance Software Solutions overseeing the worldwide financial and manufacturing operations for all four lines of software. Earlier in her career, she held corporate finance, consulting and audit roles at KPMG and Raymond Chabot, Martin, Paré.

Michèle is a Chartered Professional Accountant with a Masters in Administrative Science and a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.

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