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Telehomecare delivers health services to patients outside of a conventional care setting by connecting the patient and health care providers with technology. This team works together to maintain and improve the patient's health and wellness needs, using telehomecare (also known as remote patient monitoring) technology to monitor the patient remotely. Telehomecare can alert providers to a change to their patient’s condition before it requires a visit to an emergency room or return to the hospital.

Remote Patient Monitoring: Keeping Patients at Home


The growth in the use of telehomecare provides Canadians suffering from chronic diseases with the ability to manage their conditions in their own homes, without as much disruption to their daily lives. Telehomecare can reduce emergency department visits and hospital stays, and increase patient satisfaction and quality of life.

Our 2014 report on Remote Patient Monitoring in Canada found that thousands of Canadians are enrolled in 19 telehomecare programs across seven provinces and territories, with continued growth of 15-20 per cent annually.

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