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Access to Services

Providing Canadians with Access to Digital Health Services

Infoway is committed to an integrated, person-centred health care system for all Canadians. Evidence shows that patient-centred care is directly related to improved quality and safety, lower health care system costs and enhanced performance of providers. To that end, we are spearheading the replacement of fax- and paper-based systems with the implementation of integrated digital health solutions that give Canadians access to digitally-enabled health services.

Managing Gestational Diabetes Remotely


Virtual Visits

Virtual visits, also known as e-visits, are secure, two-way digital communication between health providers and their patients, and can include emails, text messaging and videoconferencing. Infoway is dedicated to empowering Canadians to better manage their health and virtual visits enable Canadians to access care closer to home. This enables those who live in rural communities, as well as those who have mobility issues or are unable to get time off work to connect with their health care providers more conveniently.


Services such as telehomecare also bring care closer to home and can help patients living with chronic conditions address issues before they become critical and require an emergency department visit. Telehomecare programs provide patients with the technology and support they need to monitor conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF) or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) from home. Patients track vital signs and receive coaching on how to better manage their condition, allowing providers to intervene sooner if their condition alters. This enables patients in telehomecare programs to avoid emergency department visits and hospital stays, as well as enjoy a better quality of life.


e-Booking, another digital health service, can provide patients with the convenience of booking appointments with their health provider online and at their convenience while also freeing up the time of medical clinic staff and reducing the number of appointment no-shows through automated reminders.

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