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Access to Information

Providing Canadians with Access to their Personal Health Information

Infoway is committed to an integrated and person-centred health care system for all Canadians that enables them to access their personal health information. Access to information and care through digital health solutions is crucial to improving the patient experience and driving improved outcomes.

Judith’s Story: Becoming a Partner in Your Care


Benefits of Patient Portals

Infoway patient portal and e-view projects have benefited Canadians, clinicians, and the health system.

For Canadians

  • Patients or caregivers who had access to their heath information through a patient portal felt:
    • Knowledge of their health increased
    • More confident managing their health
    • More involved in their health care
    • More informed in having discussions with their doctor
    • Time spent with their clinician was better utilized
  • Patients with online access to their lab results were confident they understood the results

For Clinicians & the Health System

Clinicians whose practices makes use of a patient portal reported:

  • Improved therapeutic relationships with patients
  • Decreased clinic call volumes
  • Reduced requests for health information or health history information
  • Decreased appointment no-shows

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